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Artist Title
5:06:05 PM 0:01:26 Joe Clay Slippin Out And Sneakin In
5:12:20 PM 0:07:41 Lavern Baker  The Gliders Jim Dandy
5:15:27 PM 0:10:48 Billy Carroll Big Green Car
5:20:11 PM 0:15:32 Blackwells Why Don'T You Love Me
5:22:23 PM 0:17:44 Beatles Everybody'S Trying To Be My Baby
5:27:37 PM 0:22:58 Buck Owens Tired Of Livin'
5:31:18 PM 0:26:39 Critters He'Ll Make You Cry (Lp Version)
5:36:36 PM 0:31:57 Ebonaires Somewhere In My Heart
5:40:13 PM 0:35:34 Uptones No More
5:45:13 PM 0:40:34 Valentinos Somewhere There'S A Girl
5:47:32 PM 0:42:53 Valentinos Baby, Lots Of Luck
5:52:26 PM 0:47:47 Sanford Clark Better Go Home (Throw That Blade Away)
5:59:07 PM 0:54:28 Prince Buster All My Loving
6:00:43 PM 0:56:04 Bob Marley & Wailers Could You Be Loved
6:06:03 PM 1:01:24 Casualairs Cruising
6:10:42 PM 1:06:03 Dennis Dorrity I Won'T Cry Anymore
6:16:22 PM 1:11:43 Billy Eckstine I Wish You Were Here
6:21:22 PM 1:16:43 Bob Hicks  & Fenders Baby Sittin' All The Time
6:25:03 PM 1:20:24 Bob Hicks & Fenders Rock Baby Rock
6:26:35 PM 1:21:56 Wanda Jackson Funnel Of Love
6:29:16 PM 1:24:37 Jo Ann Campbell Mama (Can I Go Out Tonite)
6:34:24 PM 1:29:45 Jo Ann Garrett Thousand Miles Away
6:42:00 PM 1:37:21 Jo Ann Garrett A Whole New Plan
6:47:37 PM 1:42:58 Ken Copeland Where The Rio De Rosa Flows
6:51:25 PM 1:46:46 Joe Jeffrey Group My Pledge Of Love
7:00:01 PM 1:55:22 Bobby Sherman Man Overboard
7:03:19 PM 1:58:40 Royaltones Poor Boy
7:07:03 PM 2:02:24 Chuck Berry You Never Can Tell
7:12:09 PM 2:07:30 Majestics Smile Through My Tears
7:14:43 PM 2:10:04 Sunny & Sunliners Smile Now, Cry Later
7:18:37 PM 2:13:58 Supremes Standing At The Crossroads Of Love
7:21:17 PM 2:16:38 Supremes Coca-Cola (#1) Mixed Into  When The Lovelight Starts Shining Through His Eyes
7:26:37 PM 2:21:58 Fabulous Denos Once I Had A Love
7:30:47 PM 2:26:08 Fabulous Quiet Five Red Hot Scrambler Go
7:35:00 PM 2:30:21 Timers No Go Showboat
7:39:08 PM 2:34:29 Blends Starlight, Starbright
7:43:01 PM 2:38:22 Fabulous Valiants Your Golden Teardrops
7:47:09 PM 2:42:30 Brian Brent & Cutouts For Eternity
7:52:00 PM 2:47:21 Cardinals The End Of The Story
7:55:39 PM 2:51:00 Dick & Dee Dee Thou Shalt Not Steal
7:58:06 PM 2:53:27 Bobby Goldsboro It'S Too Late
8:00:35 PM 2:55:56 Dells Restless Days Sleepless Nights
8:03:35 PM 2:58:56 Emergency Exit It'S Too Late Baby
8:08:28 PM 3:03:49 Episode Six Put Yourself In My Place
8:14:42 PM 3:10:03 Lady Get Ready