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5:03:07 PM 0:00:05 Clarence Frogman Henry Country Boy
5:05:20 PM 0:02:18 Chuck Berry You Can'T Catch Me
5:09:30 PM 0:06:28 Donays Devil In His Heart
5:15:12 PM 0:12:10 Incredibles For Sentimental Reasons
5:19:33 PM 0:16:31 Diana Trask Along The Road To Gundagai
5:22:31 PM 0:19:29 Diana Trask Lover Is Another Name For Fool
5:25:34 PM 0:22:32 Gene Pitney It Hurts To Be In Love
5:31:31 PM 0:28:29 Hyde Street Iv With A Smile
5:34:41 PM 0:31:39 Cascades Was I Dreamin'
5:38:27 PM 0:35:25 Johnny London Watching Over You
5:43:31 PM 0:40:29 Paul Jones High Time
5:46:43 PM 0:43:41 Thursday'S Children Try Girl
5:50:26 PM 0:47:24 Thursday'S Children Air Conditioned Man
5:52:36 PM 0:49:34 Kinks Dedicated Follower Of Fashion
5:57:05 PM 0:54:03 Wade Flemons I Knew You When
6:00:32 PM 0:57:30 Versatiles Blue Feeling
6:02:38 PM 0:59:36 Richard Lanham  & Tempo-Tones On Your Radio
6:06:33 PM 1:03:31 Hy-Tones You Don'T Even Know My Name
6:09:12 PM 1:06:10 Sandra King Leave It Up To The Boys
6:12:25 PM 1:09:23 Little Junior Parker I Wanna Ramble
6:19:02 PM 1:16:00 Doc Starkes & His Nite Riders Night Riding
6:22:13 PM 1:19:11 Danny  & Lps Why Not Give Me Your Heart
6:27:17 PM 1:24:15 Dennis Herrold Hip Hip Baby
6:29:19 PM 1:26:17 Dennis Herrold Make With The Lovin'
6:32:45 PM 1:29:43 Bobby Goldsboro Pledge Of Love
6:35:37 PM 1:32:35 Bobby Goldsboro Me Japanese Boy I Love You
6:39:31 PM 1:36:29 Dimas Iii I Won'T Love You Again
6:43:31 PM 1:40:29 Creator & Enid Beyond
6:46:43 PM 1:43:41 Guess Who Hey Ho  What You Do To Me
6:50:29 PM 1:47:27 Birdwatchers I Have No Worried Mind
6:53:44 PM 1:50:42 Linda Jones What'Ve I Done (To Make You Mad)
6:57:43 PM 1:54:41 Sound Explosion Some Other Guy
7:03:02 PM 2:00:00 Fleur De Lys Liar
7:07:24 PM 2:04:22 La De Das How Is The Air Up There
7:10:15 PM 2:07:13 Limits He'Ll Make You Cry
7:14:29 PM 2:11:27 Bob & Fred I'Ll Be On My Way
7:16:40 PM 2:13:38 Peter Sarstedt Where Do You Go To (My Lovely)
7:18:26 PM 2:15:24 Donnie Owens Need You
7:21:12 PM 2:18:10 Eden Kane I'M Telling You
7:25:33 PM 2:22:31 Melodics I'D Never Thought I'D Lose You
7:29:34 PM 2:26:32 Tru Tones Magic
7:33:35 PM 2:30:33 Valentinos Sweeter Than The Day Before
7:38:15 PM 2:35:13 Bel-Airs Sweet Sue
7:40:20 PM 2:37:18 Academics Darla My Darlin'
7:44:02 PM 2:41:00 Contours That Day When She Needed Me
7:47:10 PM 2:44:08 Mary Wells I Want You Round (Duet With Smokey Robinson)
7:50:42 PM 2:47:40   New Order - You'Ve Got Me High Ian & Zodias - Why Can'T It Be Me
7:56:09 PM 2:53:07 Gordian Knot The Year Of The Sun
7:59:02 PM 2:56:00 Pattens You Should Know
8:02:32 PM 2:59:30 Tracy Pendarvis First Love
8:09:17 PM 3:06:15 Thurston Harris Over Somebody Else'S Shoulder
8:11:41 PM 3:08:39 J.B.  & Playboys (Jaybees) Bad Sign