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Songs are in the order of when played.
Label scans for previous shows.  Scans
(Times are approximate)
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song aired
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Artist Title
5:04:06 PM 0:00:48 Eugene Church Good News
5:07:33 PM 0:04:15 Eugene Church I Ain't Going For That
5:10:36 PM 0:07:18 Susan Rafey Hurt So Bad
5:13:25 PM 0:10:07 Karen Carpenter Looking For Love
5:18:13 PM 0:14:55 Jimmy Pritchett That's The Way I Feel
5:23:19 PM 0:20:01 Happenings He Thinks He's A Hero
5:27:21 PM 0:24:03 Billy Fury Don't Knock Upon My Door
5:29:09 PM 0:25:51 Genies Who's That Knockin
5:34:06 PM 0:30:48 Liverpool Five Picadilly Line
5:38:30 PM 0:35:12 Ruby & Romantics Much Better Off Than I'Ve Ever Been
5:43:03 PM 0:39:45 Ruby & Romantics Young Wings Can Fly
5:47:33 PM 0:44:15 James Brown I Don't Mind
5:50:23 PM 0:47:05 Irma Thomas Wish Someone Would Care
5:55:21 PM 0:52:03 Tiny Morrie Look At The Rain
5:57:38 PM 0:54:20 Impalas Sorry (I Ran All The Way Home)
6:03:39 PM 1:00:21 Hi-Numbers Heart Of Stone
6:06:17 PM 1:02:59 Beatles Things We Said Today
6:11:02 PM 1:07:44 Camel Drivers The Grass Looks Geeener
6:13:29 PM 1:10:11 Bruce Scott So Much To Live For
6:15:35 PM 1:12:17 Gene Pitney True Love Never Runs Smooth
6:20:11 PM 1:16:53 Aretha Franklin I Can't Wait Until I See My Baby's Face
6:24:23 PM 1:21:05 Bryllig & Nymbol Swabes Back Again
6:28:36 PM 1:25:18 Gene & Debbe Go With Me
6:35:08 PM 1:31:50 Grodes Give Me Some Time
6:37:33 PM 1:34:15 5Th Dimension Another Day, Another Heartache
6:41:13 PM 1:37:55 Grodes What They Say About Love
6:46:17 PM 1:42:59 Holy Mackerel Bitter Honey
6:50:00 PM 1:46:42 Monkees Someday Man
6:52:33 PM 1:49:15 E-Types I Can't Do It
6:57:19 PM 1:54:01 Lucy Rivera & Group Make Me Queen Again
7:01:00 PM 1:57:42 Harold Lee Blond Headed Woman
7:04:43 PM 2:01:25 Imaginations Wait A Little Longer Son
7:11:18 PM 2:08:00 Joey Long You Can't Give Back The Love (That I Gave To You)
7:14:31 PM 2:11:13 Ronnie Milsap Total Disaster.
7:18:26 PM 2:15:08 Ricky Nelson I've Been Thinkin'
7:22:23 PM 2:19:05 Cruisers Just Having Fun
7:24:31 PM 2:21:13 Swingin' Medallions Double Shot (Of My Baby's Love)
7:28:46 PM 2:25:28 Billy Ford My Girl
7:31:02 PM 2:27:44 Drifters There Goes My Baby
7:35:13 PM 2:31:55 Orchids Newly Wed
7:38:10 PM 2:34:52 Pharaohs With Ricky Teenager's Love Song
7:41:22 PM 2:38:04 Sequins Why Can't You Treat Me Right
7:45:37 PM 2:42:19 Game My Kind Of Morning
7:49:05 PM 2:45:47 Arbors Endless Summer
7:53:20 PM 2:50:02 Brenda Lee Ain't Gonna Cry No More
7:55:25 PM 2:52:07 Brenton Wood I Want Love
7:57:45 PM 2:54:27 Mamie Bradley I Feel Like A Million
7:59:47 PM 2:56:29 Bobbie Smith & Dreamgirls Mine All Mine
8:03:39 PM 3:00:21 Vontastics Never Let Your Love Grow Cold
8:06:15 PM 3:02:57 Marvelettes I'll Keep Holding On
8:11:07 PM 3:07:49 Mary Wells He's The One I Love