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PLAYLIST FOR 5-15-2018
Songs are in the order of when played.
(Times are approximate)
Time the
song aired
(Pacific time)
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Artist Title
5:04:11 PM 0:01:13 Rudy Grayzell Let'S Get Wild
5:07:29 PM 0:04:31 Turtles You Baby
5:11:30 PM 0:08:32 Dootones Down The Road
5:16:07 PM 0:13:09 Fantastic Dee-Jays Love Is Tuff
5:19:33 PM 0:16:35 Fantastic Dee-Jays Get Away Girl
5:25:15 PM 0:22:17 New Colony Six Love You So Much
5:28:39 PM 0:25:41 Shirley Wahls Why Am I Crying
5:31:10 PM 0:28:12 Shirley Wahls That'S How Long (I'M Gonna Love You)
5:35:21 PM 0:32:23 That Don'T Move Me Bobby Young - Only Girl For Me Into Students Every Day Of The Week
5:41:32 PM 0:38:34 Tony Casanova Yea Yea Come Another Day
5:43:38 PM 0:40:40 Johnny Knight Rock 'N' Roll Guitar
5:47:19 PM 0:44:21 Volumes Why
5:49:13 PM 0:46:15 Volumes I Love You
5:52:35 PM 0:49:37 Vickie Baines Losing You
5:55:26 PM 0:52:28 Maxine Brown Anything For A Laugh
6:00:13 PM 0:57:15 Nicky Scott Big City
6:02:36 PM 0:59:38 Spanky & Our Gang Sunday Will Never Be The Same
6:07:37 PM 1:04:39 Carl Perkins Rockin' Record Hop
6:11:19 PM 1:08:21 Ted Daigle Red Hen Hop
6:17:44 PM 1:14:46 That Don'T Move Me Sinceres - Darlingi Into Vocal Teens Be A Slave
6:22:41 PM 1:19:43 Soul Vendors Get Out Of My Eye
6:22:42 PM 1:19:44 Sinceres Please Don'T Cheat On Me
6:30:12 PM 1:27:14 U.S. Males Come Out Of The Rain
6:35:06 PM 1:32:08 Four More Don'T Give Up Hope
6:40:35 PM 1:37:37 El Domingos Lucky Me, I'M In Love
6:44:03 PM 1:41:05 Citadels When I Woke Up This Morning
6:46:25 PM 1:43:27 Dave Carroll Will You Love Me
6:48:45 PM 1:45:47 Hudson Bay Company I See Her Face
6:52:42 PM 1:49:44 Association The Time It Is Today
6:56:42 PM 1:53:44 Motleys I'Ll See Your Light
6:59:09 PM 1:56:11 Five Americans I See The Light
7:02:42 PM 1:59:44 Royal Halos My Love Is True
7:05:36 PM 2:02:38 Royal Halos Nobody But Me And My Girl
7:09:19 PM 2:06:21 Tu-Tones Still In Love With You
7:12:33 PM 2:09:35 Dennis Gantner With Initials Just Between The Two Of Us
7:15:32 PM 2:12:34 Little Clem & Dew Drops Plea Of Love
7:18:40 PM 2:15:42 Dicky Dell & Bing Bongs The Cling
7:20:32 PM 2:17:34 Marty Wilde & Wild Cats My, What A Woman
7:22:46 PM 2:19:48 Heinz & Wild Boys IM Not A Bad Guy
7:26:37 PM 2:23:39 Cliff Richard I Could Easily Fall (In Love With You
7:31:00 PM 2:28:02 Illusions Can'T We Fall In Love
7:33:32 PM 2:30:34 Five Satins A Million To One
7:37:01 PM 2:34:03 Panics Show Her You Care
7:41:24 PM 2:38:26 Josh White Jr. Do You Close Your Eyes
7:45:08 PM 2:42:10 Josh White, Jr. This Can'T Be Wrong
7:48:23 PM 2:45:25 Mystics So Tenderly
7:52:01 PM 2:49:03 Mystics Teenage Sweetheart
7:55:46 PM 2:52:48 Outsiders We Ain'T Gonna Make It
7:59:46 PM 2:56:48 Lovin' Spoonful Six O'Clock
8:02:35 PM 2:59:37 Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart Sometimes She'S A Little Girl
8:06:06 PM 3:03:08 Tyrannies Little Girl
8:09:31 PM 3:06:33 Poets I'M Stuck On You
8:14:42 PM 3:11:44 Poets Wooden Spoon