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Songs are in the order of when played.
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song aired
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Artist Title
5:05:16 PM 00:24.0 Tampa Red It'S Good Like That
5:09:36 PM 0:04:44 Bobby Curtola Destination Love
5:16:09 PM 0:11:17 Gary & Dave Could You Ever Love Me Again
5:20:22 PM 0:15:30 Lenny Miles In Between Tears
5:23:19 PM 0:18:27 Major Lance Think Nothing About It
5:29:15 PM 0:24:23 Roy Orbison You'Re My Baby
5:34:08 PM 0:29:16 Shandells Go Go Gorilla
5:40:21 PM 0:35:29 Pat Boone I'm In Love With You
5:44:05 PM 0:39:13 Illusions Can't We Fall In Love
5:47:08 PM 0:42:16 Five Satins A Million To One
5:50:39 PM 0:45:47 Del Shannon Runaway
5:55:24 PM 0:50:32 Hayden Thompson Whatcha Gonna Do
5:59:03 PM 0:54:11 Tommy Roe Save Your Kisses
6:02:12 PM 0:57:20 Prince Preston She Belongs To Me
6:06:20 PM 1:01:28 Merseybeats Really Mystified
6:08:44 PM 1:03:52 Corwood Draggers Radiation Bop
6:17:11 PM 1:12:19 Enfields I'm For Things You Do
6:20:11 PM 1:15:19 Sinceres Please Don'T Cheat On Me
6:27:03 PM 1:22:11 Fascinations Tears In My Eyes
6:29:34 PM 1:24:42 Forevers What Goes Around (Comes Around)
6:32:17 PM 1:27:25 Four Evers The Girl I Want To Bring Home
6:36:34 PM 1:31:42 Bobby Curtola Sandy
6:40:02 PM 1:35:10 Charlie Gracie You Got A Heart Like A Rock
6:41:41 PM 1:36:49 Velvelettes Needle In A Haystack
6:45:03 PM 1:40:11 Johnny Earle Only She
6:50:36 PM 1:45:44 Egyptian Kings Give Me Your Love
6:54:37 PM 1:49:45 Keystoners The Magic Kiss
6:58:34 PM 1:53:42 Mark Valentino Jivin' At The Drive-In
7:01:45 PM 1:56:53 Bill Doggett Hold It
7:05:16 PM 2:00:24 Big Maybelle Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
7:08:21 PM 2:03:29 Big Maybelle Yesterday'S Kisses
7:10:37 PM 2:05:45 Miracles Way Over There
7:14:45 PM 2:09:53 Fugitives Mean Woman
7:17:39 PM 2:12:47 Fugitives Your Girls A Woman
7:21:16 PM 2:16:24 Tommy Vann & Echoes Give A Little Bit
7:25:04 PM 2:20:12 Leaders Nobody Loves Me
7:30:20 PM 2:25:28 Andy Williams The Bilbao Song
7:33:02 PM 2:28:10 Ned Miller From A Jack To A King
7:37:13 PM 2:32:21 Earls Cry Cry Cry
7:41:45 PM 2:36:53 Chiffons Just For Tonight
7:45:25 PM 2:40:33 Daylighters You'Re Breaking My Heart
7:47:33 PM 2:42:41 Dynamics Moonlight
7:51:48 PM 2:46:56 Triplett Twins Pretty Please
7:54:04 PM 2:49:12 Golliwogs Fragile Child
7:56:34 PM 2:51:42 Golliwogs Walking On The Water
7:58:49 PM 2:53:57 Bobby Curtola Pretty Blue Eyes
8:01:44 PM 2:56:52 The Painted Faces I Lost You In My Mind
8:04:35 PM 2:59:43 Five Chances All I Want
8:08:41 PM 3:03:49 Orbits Message Of Love
8:15:17 PM 3:10:25 Bobby Curtola Footsteps