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Songs are in the order of when played.
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song aired
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Artist Title
5:05:32 PM 0:00:52 Fats Domino Kansas City
5:11:05 PM 0:06:25 Sam Cooke Nothing Can Change This Love
5:15:19 PM 0:10:39 Four Seasons Hot Water Bottle
5:19:02 PM 0:14:22 Four Lovers You'Re The Apple Of My Eye
5:23:15 PM 0:18:35 Darrel Rhodes Four O'Clock Baby
5:27:40 PM 0:23:00 Josh Hanna When I Love You
5:31:38 PM 0:26:58 Frank Ifield Your Time Will Come
5:36:19 PM 0:31:39 Leon Haywood You Don't Have To See Me Cry
5:39:37 PM 0:34:57 American Beetles Hey Hey Girl
5:42:03 PM 0:37:23 Dave Clark Five Glad All Over
5:47:21 PM 0:42:41 Jackie Wilson Excetera
5:53:12 PM 0:48:32 Oxfords Flying Up Through The Sky
5:57:20 PM 0:52:40 Johnny Tillotson I Never Loved You Anyway
6:01:23 PM 0:56:43 Tidal Wave Lightning And Thunder
6:06:41 PM 1:02:01 Swinging Machine Do You Have To Ask
6:09:11 PM 1:04:31 13Th Floor Elevators You're Gonna Miss Me
6:13:26 PM 1:08:46 Syndicate Of Sound Rumors
6:17:08 PM 1:12:28 Gene Pitney Looking Through The Eyes Of Love
6:21:43 PM 1:17:03 Walker Brothers My Ship Is Comin' In
6:26:17 PM 1:21:37 Larks Forget Me
6:31:33 PM 1:26:53 Argie  & Arketts You'Re The Guy
6:35:45 PM 1:31:05 Golden Nuggets I Was A Fool
6:39:20 PM 1:34:40 Ronnie Cates & Travelers Long Time
6:42:39 PM 1:37:59 Benny Joy Spin The Bottle
6:45:17 PM 1:40:37 Lee Cole & Beau Jesters Cool Baby
6:49:30 PM 1:44:50 Me & Them Show You Mean It Too
6:54:03 PM 1:49:23 Bobby Sisco Tall, Dark And Handsome Man
6:56:35 PM 1:51:55 Baker Knight & Knightmare Bring My Cadillac Back
7:01:11 PM 1:56:31 Cascades Blue Hours
7:04:37 PM 1:59:57 Two Bits Never To Leave
7:08:02 PM 2:03:22 Cascades I Wanna Be Your Lover
7:10:24 PM 2:05:44 Fontane Sisters Daddy-O
7:14:16 PM 2:09:36 Corwood Draggers Radiation Bop
7:19:44 PM 2:15:04 Fabulous Fidels Westside Boy, Eastside Girl
7:24:13 PM 2:19:33 In Crowd Why Must They Criticize
7:26:34 PM 2:21:54 Will-O-Bees Shades Of Gray
7:32:17 PM 2:27:37 Warner Mack Roc-A-Chicka
7:35:46 PM 2:31:06 Wild Ones Come On Back (Instrumental)
7:39:41 PM 2:35:01 Jive-A-Tones Wild Bird
7:42:48 PM 2:38:08 Jiv-A-Tones Flirty Gertie
7:47:30 PM 2:42:50 Motorcycle Abilene (You Used To) Ride So High
7:52:04 PM 2:47:24 Johnny Otis Orchestra All Night Long
7:56:32 PM 2:51:52 Status Quo Ice In The Sun
7:58:42 PM 2:54:02 Move Flowers In The Rain
8:01:00 PM 2:56:20 Shindogs Someday, Someday
8:04:24 PM 2:59:44 Johnny Earle Only She
8:07:49 PM 3:03:09 Tommy Vann & Echoes Give A Little Bit
8:13:39 PM 3:08:59 Status Quo Pictures Of Matchstick Men