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Songs are in the order of when played.
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song aired
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Artist Title
5:10:35 PM 0:00:28 Bobby Sisco Honky Tonkin Rhythm
5:15:05 PM 0:04:58 Canoise Something I Could Do
5:20:17 PM 0:10:10 Duprees Take Me As I Am
5:25:17 PM 0:15:10 Helen Shapiro Young Stranger
5:28:11 PM 0:18:04 Marty Robbins Don'T Worry
5:32:39 PM 0:22:32 Pendulums Love Is Summertime
5:35:00 PM 0:24:53 Graham Bonney Supergirl
5:39:22 PM 0:29:15 Motorcycle Abilene (Warren Zevon/Bones Howe) (You Used To) Ride So High
5:44:16 PM 0:34:09 Jillettes Air Travel
5:45:11 PM 0:35:04 Ray And Bob Air Travel
5:49:40 PM 0:39:33 Pleasers Hello Little Girl
5:54:26 PM 0:44:19 Jet Tones Henry
5:56:37 PM 0:46:30 Tommy Roe Carol
6:02:00 PM 0:51:53 Troggs Lost Girl
6:04:25 PM 0:54:18 Troggs With A Girl Like You
6:11:19 PM 1:01:12 Legends Now I'M Telling You
6:14:42 PM 1:04:35 Little Anthony & Imperials Good For A Lifetime
6:20:21 PM 1:10:14 Legends The Legend Of Love
6:24:33 PM 1:14:26 St. George & Tana So Tenderly
6:27:23 PM 1:17:16 Ian & Sylvia Hey, What About Me
6:34:12 PM 1:24:05 Box Tops Soul Deep
6:37:45 PM 1:27:38 B.J. Thomas Hooked On A Feeling
6:41:26 PM 1:31:19 Steve Alaimo Denver
6:47:37 PM 1:37:30 Bats How Could You Have Known
6:51:01 PM 1:40:54 Big Dee Irwin It'S Only A Paper Moon
6:55:01 PM 1:44:54 Earl Royce And The Olympics Que Sera, Sera
6:59:03 PM 1:48:56 Johnny Hunter If The Things In My Room Could Talk
7:02:14 PM 1:52:07 Me & Them Show You Mean It Too
7:04:36 PM 1:54:29 Outcast Long Tall Sally
7:06:20 PM 1:56:13 Reverberations Lost In Time
7:11:39 PM 2:01:32 Mystics That'S The Kind Of Love
7:16:04 PM 2:05:57 Little Ellis  & His L 7S Barb Wire
7:20:19 PM 2:10:12 New Society Of You
7:23:00 PM 2:12:53 Oxfords Flying Up Through The Sky
7:27:11 PM 2:17:04 West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band Here'S Where You Belong
7:30:16 PM 2:20:09 West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band Transparent Day
7:32:34 PM 2:22:27 Corwood Draggers Radiation Bop
7:36:01 PM 2:25:54 Ruby Ann Knocked Out No Love
7:38:00 PM 2:27:53 Elvis Little Sister
7:42:42 PM 2:32:35 Little Jerry There Ain'T Enough Love
7:45:18 PM 2:35:11 Jerry Williams Run Run Roadrunner
7:48:39 PM 2:38:32 Little Jerry & Group I'M So Mad
7:51:39 PM 2:41:32 Johnny Earle Only She
7:55:08 PM 2:45:01 City Surfers Beach Ball
7:57:03 PM 2:46:56 Jimmy Soul If You Want To Be Happy
8:04:03 PM 2:53:56 Reverberations Why Should I Care?
8:09:00 PM 2:58:53 Joan Baker Everybody's Talking
8:13:03 PM 3:02:56 Cradle What A Summer