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PLAYLIST FOR 7-10-2017
Songs are in the order of when played.
Label scans for previous shows.  Scans
(Times are approximate)
Time the
song aired
(Pacific time)
Time in  player
Artist Title
5:04:07 PM 0:00:34 Cliff Gleaves Love Is My Busniess
5:08:08 PM 0:04:35 Lew Lewis & Twilight Trio Charlene Baby
5:11:20 PM 0:07:47 Connie Francis My Best Friend Barbara
5:13:24 PM 0:09:51 Shirelles I Met Him On A Sunday
5:18:05 PM 0:14:32 Dwight Pullen Sunglasses After Dark
5:23:40 PM 0:20:07 That Don't Move Me Mary Ann Mobley Into The Roomates The Only Boy For Me
5:29:16 PM 0:25:43 Linda Scott I've Told Every Little Star
5:32:38 PM 0:29:05 Rivieras Surfin' Fun
5:36:04 PM 0:32:31 Sam Sham & Pharaohs Big City Lights
5:42:14 PM 0:38:41 Masqueraders On America's Got Talent A Change Is Gonna Come
5:44:32 PM 0:40:59 Masqueraders I Ain't Got To Love Nobody Else
5:49:02 PM 0:45:29 Masqueraders (Call Me) The Traveling Man
5:56:17 PM 0:52:44 Del Rays The One I Adore
5:58:19 PM 0:54:46 Inspirations Aye-Yai-Yai
6:00:34 PM 0:57:01 Inspirations Come Back Home To Me
6:05:12 PM 1:01:39 Enchanters I Lied To My Heart
6:08:19 PM 1:04:46 Sultans It'll Be Easy
6:11:42 PM 1:08:09 Ty Whitney Cure For Love
6:13:41 PM 1:10:08 Timi Yuro What's A Matter Baby
6:18:16 PM 1:14:43 Addrisi Brothers What A Night For Love
6:20:27 PM 1:16:54 Artie Garr Dream Alone
6:23:32 PM 1:19:59 Those Of Us Without You
6:27:04 PM 1:23:31 Candy Store Prophets The Time Of Day
6:31:00 PM 1:27:27 Crickets A Sweet Love
6:34:29 PM 1:30:56 Crickets My Little Baby's Shoes
6:37:01 PM 1:33:28 Dean Barlow Third Window From The Right
6:40:04 PM 1:36:31 Intruders Hang On In There
6:44:42 PM 1:41:09 Jimmy George Gonna Walk Away
6:47:42 PM 1:44:09 Henson Cargill Skip A Rope
6:51:22 PM 1:47:49 Bossmen Help Me Baby
6:55:36 PM 1:52:03 Ashes Is There Anything I Can Do
6:59:12 PM 1:55:39 Peanut Butter Conspiracy It's A Happening Thing
7:03:28 PM 1:59:55 Choir Anyway I Can
7:08:01 PM 2:04:28 Chimes Paradise
7:11:15 PM 2:07:42 Midnight Dynamos Baby Come Back
7:14:03 PM 2:10:30 Capris Morse Code Of Love
7:18:16 PM 2:14:43 Cascades She'll Love Again
7:21:19 PM 2:17:46 Cryan' Shames Greenburg, Glickstein, Charles, David Smith & Jones
7:24:01 PM 2:20:28 Cryan' Shames The Warm
7:27:29 PM 2:23:56 Left Banke Lazy Day
7:30:39 PM 2:27:06 Buzzsaw I Live In The Springtime
7:39:03 PM 2:35:30 Dean Martin That's Amore
7:43:04 PM 2:39:31 Diablos Jump, Shake And Move
7:47:18 PM 2:43:45 Dion It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
7:51:34 PM 2:48:01 J.C.W. Ratfinks Pop Goes The Weasel (played as a joke)
7:53:16 PM 2:49:43 Motorcycle Abilene (Warren Zevon/Bones Howe) (You Used To) Ride So High
7:57:19 PM 2:53:46 Patti Brook I Love You, I Need You
7:59:09 PM 2:55:36 Al Caiola & His Orchestra The Magnificent Seven
8:01:13 PM 2:57:40 Robb Storme Group Here Today
8:05:21 PM 3:01:48 Devons A Little Extra Effort
8:07:31 PM 3:03:58 Newbeats A Patent On Love.
8:09:31 PM 3:05:58 Moody & Deltas Everybody Come Clap Your Hands