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Songs are in the order of when played (times are off a little this week; the problem will be resolved for next week's show).
Label scans for previous shows.  Scans
Time the
song aired
(Pacific time)
Time in  player
Artist Title
5:06:04 PM 0:01:07 Lynn Billingsley Childhood Boogie
5:09:11 PM 0:04:14 Buzz Clifford Moving Day
5:12:20 PM 0:07:23 Danny  & Sessions I Knew You Would
5:20:01 PM 0:15:04 Elegants Please Believe Me
5:23:20 PM 0:18:23 Royal Teens Believe Me
5:26:30 PM 0:21:33 Intruders A Love That'S Real
5:31:42 PM 0:26:45 Grass Roots Bella Linda
5:38:17 PM 0:33:20 Judy Collins Sunny Goodge Street
5:41:26 PM 0:36:29 Timetones House Where Lovers Dream
5:45:02 PM 0:40:05 Vickie Diaz For Eternity
5:49:20 PM 0:44:23 Eyes Of Blue Heart Trouble
5:53:08 PM 0:48:11 Caravelles You Are Here (1964 Fontana Tf 466 A-Side)
5:55:31 PM 0:50:34 Shelley Fabares Lost Summer Love
5:59:26 PM 0:54:29 Casanovas Please Be Mine
6:03:24 PM 0:58:27 Ebonys You'Re The Reason Why
6:10:43 PM 1:05:46 Elvis Hound Dog
6:13:18 PM 1:08:21 Elvis Good Rockin' Tonight
6:18:28 PM 1:13:31 Excentrics What Can I Do, What Can I Say
6:20:24 PM 1:15:27 Zombies She'S Not There
6:27:36 PM 1:22:39 Jim Ed Brown Pop A Top
6:32:06 PM 1:27:09 Dubs You'Re Free To Go
6:35:17 PM 1:30:20 Pat & Lolly Vegas Don'T You Remember
6:38:06 PM 1:33:09 Brigands (Would I Still Be) Her Big Man
6:43:24 PM 1:38:27 Baytovens Waiting For You
6:45:23 PM 1:40:26 Beathoven'S Summer Sun
6:48:31 PM 1:43:34 Bertha Tillman I Wish
6:52:36 PM 1:47:39 Seminoles Trouble In Mind
6:55:15 PM 1:50:18 Seminoles Meant To Be
7:00:25 PM 1:55:28 Roy Stingley "11:45"
7:04:12 PM 1:59:15 Videls She'S Not Coming Home
7:09:09 PM 2:04:12 Mike Taylor & Camerons He'S A Lover
7:11:36 PM 2:06:39 Mike Taylor Mi-A-Suri Talk
7:16:01 PM 2:11:04 Little Eva Takin' Back What I Said
7:19:43 PM 2:14:46 Billy Lane Beginner In Love
7:23:01 PM 2:18:04 Clifford Curry She Shot A Hole In My Soul
7:25:38 PM 2:20:41 Bobbie Smith Walk On In
7:28:37 PM 2:23:40 Bozo Ratliff Rock Along Time
7:32:29 PM 2:27:32 Gaytunes Plea In The Moonlight
7:35:04 PM 2:30:07 Guytones Tell Me (How Was I To Know)
7:39:22 PM 2:34:25 Illusions Wait Till The Summer
7:41:36 PM 2:36:39 Notations What A Night For Love
7:48:47 PM 2:43:50 Clydie King Missin' My Baby
7:51:46 PM 2:46:49 Lorraine Ellison Don'T Let It Go To Your Head
7:54:19 PM 2:49:22 Hurricanes Dear Mother
7:56:44 PM 2:51:47 Danderliers May God Be With You
7:59:13 PM 2:54:16 Hi Tensions The Clock
8:03:00 PM 2:58:03 St. George & Tana So Tenderly
8:05:31 PM 3:00:34 Bruce Hornsby The Way It Is
8:13:03 PM 3:08:06 Aaron Neville Tell It Like It Is