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Songs are in the order of when played.
Label scans for previous shows.  Scans
Time the
song aired
(Pacific time)
Time in  player
Artist Title
5:07:40 PM 0:01:41 Alis Lesley Heartbreak Harry
5:11:36 PM 0:05:37 Bogis Chimes Please Don'T Forget
5:17:30 PM 0:11:31 Buckle I'Ve Got Something On My Mind
5:22:16 PM 0:16:17 Del-Vikings Come Along With Me
5:25:07 PM 0:19:08 Ella Fitzgerald Soldier Boy
5:31:06 PM 0:25:07 Emotions Do You Love Me
5:33:30 PM 0:27:31 Emotions Echo
5:39:15 PM 0:33:16 Jessica James  & Outlaws We'Ll Be Makin' Out
5:42:16 PM 0:36:17 Four Seasons Let'S Hang On (Stereo W-Intro)
5:48:30 PM 0:42:31 Curtis Lee Gee How I Wish You Were Here
5:52:11 PM 0:46:12 Ron Holden Gee, But I'M Lonesome
5:54:30 PM 0:48:31 Ray Charles Singers Love Me With All Of Your Heart (Cuando Caliente El Sol)
6:00:15 PM 0:54:16 Chancellors There Goes My Girl
6:04:35 PM 0:58:36 Danny  & Sessions I Knew You Would
6:09:11 PM 1:03:12 Jimmy Jones I Told You So
6:13:25 PM 1:07:26 Four Pros Just Another Girl
6:17:06 PM 1:11:07 Gene Morris I Need It
6:19:12 PM 1:13:13 Mike Bell & Belltones Bad Luck & Trouble
6:23:00 PM 1:17:01 Missing Souls Up There
6:26:31 PM 1:20:32 Lenny Welch Congratulations, Baby
6:29:37 PM 1:23:38 Bobby Hendricks If I Just Had Your Love
6:32:14 PM 1:26:15 Johnny Mathis Misty
6:40:03 PM 1:34:04 Johnny & Jonie Kee-Ro-Ryin'
6:42:03 PM 1:36:04 Everly Brothers How Can I Meet Her
6:46:44 PM 1:40:45 E-Types Put The Clock Back On The Wall (Edited Stereo)
6:51:27 PM 1:45:28 Chris Carpenter This World (Is Closing In On Me)
6:54:43 PM 1:48:44 Freddie Gorman Can'T Get It Out Of My Mind
6:57:05 PM 1:51:06 Freddie Gorman In A Bad Way
7:02:07 PM 1:56:08 Eugene Knox Miss You
7:04:34 PM 1:58:35 Don And Juan Two Fools Are We
7:08:19 PM 2:02:20 Brigands (Would I Still Be) Her Big Man
7:12:00 PM 2:06:01 Don Terry Knee Shakin'
7:15:02 PM 2:09:03 Joey & Lexingtons Bobbie
7:19:44 PM 2:13:45 Castle Kings Loch Lomond
7:26:39 PM 2:20:40 Avons Our Love Will Never End
7:30:15 PM 2:24:16 Avons You Are So Close To Me
7:34:39 PM 2:28:40 Little Eva Takin' Back What I Said
7:39:30 PM 2:33:31 Little Mr Lee & Cherokees Young Lover
7:44:17 PM 2:38:18 Ordells Sippin' A Cup Of Coffee
7:47:04 PM 2:41:05 Delfonics Hey! Love
7:53:17 PM 2:47:18 Optic Nerve Penelope Tuesday
7:56:30 PM 2:50:31 Beatles She Said She Said
7:59:07 PM 2:53:08 Bucaneers You'Re Never Gonna Love Me Anymore
8:01:49 PM 2:55:50 Bucaneer'S I'M A Fool
8:04:29 PM 2:58:30 Notations What A Night For Love
8:08:46 PM 3:02:47 Wild Ones Lord Love A Duck
8:13:49 PM 3:07:50 Tye Tongue Hanley You Got My Nose Wide Open