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Songs are in the order of when played.
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song aired
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Artist Title
5:06:01 PM 0:01:41 Meadow Larks Love Only You Show
5:11:28 PM 0:07:08 Skip & Flip It Was I
5:16:08 PM 0:11:48 Skip & Flip Doubt
5:18:30 PM 0:14:10 Drifters (If You Cry) True Love, True Love
5:24:30 PM 0:20:10 Admirations The Bells Of Rosa Rita
5:27:07 PM 0:22:47 Co-Eds I Love An Angel
5:30:14 PM 0:25:54 Co-Eds Love You Baby All The Time
5:32:27 PM 0:28:07 Dickey Lee Dreamy Nights
5:36:22 PM 0:32:02 Arlin Harmon Out Of The Picture
5:39:04 PM 0:34:44 Dobie Gray The 'In' Crowd
5:42:42 PM 0:38:22 Association No Fair At All
5:48:01 PM 0:43:41 Dee Clark Come Closer
5:52:07 PM 0:47:47 Four Seasons Mirange
5:57:17 PM 0:52:57 Tommy Hayes Trance
6:01:40 PM 0:57:20 Innocents Honest I Do
6:05:27 PM 1:01:07 Jay Fanning Baby Baby
6:07:40 PM 1:03:20 Johnny Tillotson Why Do I Love You So
6:10:01 PM 1:05:41 Jackie Layne Teenage Girl In A Changing World
6:14:18 PM 1:09:58 Poets That'S The Way It'S Got To Be
6:19:35 PM 1:15:15 Roy Orbison That'S A No-No
6:22:12 PM 1:17:52 Denny Provisor It Really Tears Me Up
6:25:01 PM 1:20:41 Duprees Goodnight My Love
6:32:38 PM 1:28:18 Autumn My Little Girl
6:36:43 PM 1:32:23 Chuck & Joe I Wish You Didn'T Treat Me So Well
6:40:21 PM 1:36:01 Fourmost He Could Never
6:44:26 PM 1:40:06 1910 Fruitgum Co. Go Away
6:48:37 PM 1:44:17 Frankie Lyndon Don'T Look At Me
6:51:33 PM 1:47:13 Fun And Games The Grooviest Girl In The World
6:55:45 PM 1:51:25 Los Mockers All The Time
6:58:22 PM 1:54:02 Untouchables Lovely Dee
7:02:28 PM 1:58:08 Jeb Stuart I Betcha Gonna Like It
7:06:30 PM 2:02:10 Loose Ends Free Soul
7:09:01 PM 2:04:41 Hollies Look Through Any Window
7:12:14 PM 2:07:54 Mello-Kings Kid Stuff
7:16:11 PM 2:11:51 Mello-Kings Tonight Tonight
7:20:03 PM 2:15:43 Lenny Welch Congratulations, Baby
7:26:06 PM 2:21:46 Cal Briggs & Vel-Tones With Blue Shields Cal'S Tune
7:29:42 PM 2:25:22 Veltones A Fool Was I
7:33:21 PM 2:29:01 Carl Perkins Honky Tonk Gal
7:35:40 PM 2:31:20 Hank Williams Howlin' At The Moon
7:40:08 PM 2:35:48 Beau-Jives Something'S Wrong
7:44:34 PM 2:40:14 Brigands (Would I Still Be) Her Big Man
7:50:03 PM 2:45:43 Craig Douglas Change Of Heart
7:56:03 PM 2:51:43 Earl Dean Smith Untie Me
7:58:14 PM 2:53:54 Tommy Quickly You Might As Well Forget Him
8:02:45 PM 2:58:25 Little Eva Takin' Back What I Said
8:06:15 PM 3:01:55 Bunny Shivel You'Ll Never Find A Love Like Mine
8:10:26 PM 3:06:06 Poets That'S The Way It'S Got To Be