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Songs are in the order of when played.
Label scans for previous shows.  Scans
Time the
song aired
(Pacific time)
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Artist Title
5:04:26 PM 0:01:41 Clarence Garlow No No Baby
5:09:03 PM 0:06:18 Johnny Macrae Honest John
5:15:09 PM 0:12:24 Wind Make Believe
5:21:03 PM 0:18:18 Yellow Balloon Stained Glass Window
5:24:25 PM 0:21:40 Jeannie & Big Guys I Want You
5:27:05 PM 0:24:20 Van Trevor & Saturday Knights Satisfaction Is Guaranteed
5:33:35 PM 0:30:50 Squires I Can'T Do It
5:38:09 PM 0:35:24 Squires Going All The Way
5:42:31 PM 0:39:46 Glenn Yarbrough Baby, The Rain Must Fall
5:46:40 PM 0:43:55 Glenn Yarbrough Never Let Her Go
5:50:24 PM 0:47:39 Barbara Mcnair It Was Never Like This
5:55:42 PM 0:52:57 Bosstones Mope-Itty Mope
5:58:42 PM 0:55:57 Orlons Don'T Hang Up
6:02:39 PM 0:59:54 Linda Lou & Hitmakers The Torch Is Out
6:05:29 PM 1:02:44 Del Shannon Hats Off To Larry
6:10:35 PM 1:07:50 Styles Hush Little Girl
6:15:14 PM 1:12:29 Tokens You'Re My Girl
6:18:08 PM 1:15:23 Rockin' Berries She'S Not Like Any Girl
6:21:43 PM 1:18:58 Coastliners I See Me
6:24:32 PM 1:21:47 Boys Next Door I Could See Me Dancing With You
6:26:43 PM 1:23:58 B  & Bops Tangled Boogie
6:30:17 PM 1:27:32 Roy "Boogie Boy" Perkins Ba Da
6:35:28 PM 1:32:43 Clydie King Missin' My Baby
6:39:31 PM 1:36:46 Kenny Gamble The Jokes On You
6:43:10 PM 1:40:25 Little Jimmy Brown I Didn'T Know.
6:48:46 PM 1:46:01 Yesterdays Obsession The Phycle
6:53:19 PM 1:50:34 Denny Provisor It Really Tears Me Up
6:56:30 PM 1:53:45 Loose Ends Free Soul
7:04:34 PM 2:01:49 Invictors This Thing Called Love
7:11:21 PM 2:08:36 Premiers False Love
7:15:18 PM 2:12:33 Johnny Reed & Group A Thousand Miles Away
7:19:45 PM 2:17:00 Lenny Welch Congratulations, Baby
7:23:26 PM 2:20:41 City Surfers Powder Puff
7:26:25 PM 2:23:40 Other Two Look Around
7:29:05 PM 2:26:20 Everly Brothers Crying In The Rain
7:33:02 PM 2:30:17 Searchers What Have They Done To The Rain
7:38:23 PM 2:35:38 Inspirations What Am I Gonna Do With You, Hey Baby
7:43:22 PM 2:40:37 Shangri-Las Take The Time
7:48:14 PM 2:45:29 Teresa Brewer Music Music Music
7:52:02 PM 2:49:17 Vernon Taylor Your Lovin' Man
7:54:04 PM 2:51:19 Brigands (Would I Still Be) Her Big Man
7:57:42 PM 2:54:57 Cordials Eternal Love
8:00:32 PM 2:57:47 Pyramids Deep In My Heart For You
8:04:10 PM 3:01:25 Lords Blue
8:10:04 PM 3:07:19 Turtles Almost There