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Songs are in the order of when played.
Label scans for previous shows.  Scans
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song aired
(Pacific time)
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Artist Title
5:06:01 PM 0:01:35 Macy Skipper Quicksand Love
5:11:38 PM 0:07:12 Dave Clark Five Catch Us If You Can Stereo Remix Mono Dryer Vocals
5:19:10 PM 0:14:44 John Corey Pollyanna
5:22:40 PM 0:18:14 Tim Tam & Turn Ons Wait A Minute
5:28:27 PM 0:24:01 Peter'S Faces Why Did You Bring Him To The Dance
5:31:05 PM 0:26:39 Peter'S Faces She'S In Love
5:34:00 PM 0:29:34 Diane Castle Somebody'S Elses Baby
5:39:02 PM 0:34:36 Fiestas Broken Heart
5:42:01 PM 0:37:35 Fiestas Last Night I Dreamed
5:46:31 PM 0:42:05 Murray The K The Sins Of A Family
5:51:40 PM 0:47:14 Tony Ewing It'S Your Turn To Cry
5:56:32 PM 0:52:06 Wall Of Sound Hang On
6:00:40 PM 0:56:14 Wall Of Sound You Had To Have Your Way
6:03:40 PM 0:59:14 New Yorkers Don'T Want To Be Your Fool
6:13:18 PM 1:08:52 Anita Wood I Can'T Show How I Feel
6:17:10 PM 1:12:44 Bob And Terry Caraway Where Love Is Young
6:20:01 PM 1:15:35 Caslons Settle Me Down
6:25:19 PM 1:20:53 Charles Christy In The Arms Of A Girl
6:28:10 PM 1:23:44 Johnny Jack Need You
6:34:40 PM 1:30:14 Four Cheers Fatal Charms Of Love
6:39:31 PM 1:35:05 Chevelle V I'M Sorry Girl
6:43:37 PM 1:39:11 That Don'T Move Elvis And Young Jesse Hot Dog
6:48:00 PM 1:43:34 Rob Roys Dance Girl Dance
6:52:33 PM 1:48:07 Three Friends Dedicated (To The Songs I Love)
6:54:45 PM 1:50:19 Rays Mediterranean Moon
6:57:28 PM 1:53:02 Mystics Send Her Back
7:01:07 PM 1:56:41 Crickets I'M Not A Bad Guy
7:06:03 PM 2:01:37 Demensions Just One More Chance
7:11:12 PM 2:06:46 Gene Thomas Down The Road
7:13:33 PM 2:09:07 Laddins Did It
7:16:46 PM 2:12:20 Riffs Tell Her
7:19:09 PM 2:14:43 Rocky Fellers Killer Joe
7:23:46 PM 2:19:20 Searchers Hearts In Her Eyes
7:29:08 PM 2:24:42 Denny Provisor It Really Tears Me Up
7:31:11 PM 2:26:45 Skunks Youth Quake
7:35:17 PM 2:30:51 Chuck Jackson If I Didn'T Love You
7:40:14 PM 2:35:48 Fred Green Don'T Make A Fool Of Me
7:43:14 PM 2:38:48 Blue Jays Lover'S Island
7:48:16 PM 2:43:50 Crybabies Seesaw
7:53:00 PM 2:48:34 Sandy Wynns Loves Like Quicksand
7:55:21 PM 2:50:55 Love Affair A Day Without Love
7:58:29 PM 2:54:03 One Way Street Tears In My Eyes
8:00:36 PM 2:56:10 Painted Faces I Lost You In My Mind
8:05:01 PM 3:00:35 Lenny Welch Congratulations, Baby
8:08:03 PM 3:03:37 Rendezvous Congratulations Baby
8:13:08 PM 3:08:42 Highwaymen Cindy, Oh Cindy